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Dealing with Grief on Special Occasions with Eddie Jury

This is a special podcast that I did with my good friend Eddie Jury who is the owner of the clothing brand rude awakenings.

We discussed dealing with grief on special occasions which we know is an incredibly difficult part of so many people’s lives. Ed lost his Mum, Dad, Auntie and Nan all within a decade and it left a devastating effect on him that led him to using heroin.

He has now been clean from heroin for 21 months and he kindly agreed to come on the podcast and speak to us about his addiction and how he deals with grieving especially around special occasions.

Check out Rude Awakenings http://www.facebook.com/rudeawakenings23

What are the benefits of yoga? With Carrie Burns

Carrie from Inspire Yoga Whangamata has kindly come on the show today to discuss Yoga with us. She explains to us what yoga actually is and what the benefits of practicing it can be.

You can find Carrie in our yoga section or on Facebook @inspireyoganz

Behind closed doors ~ Living with Bi-Polar, BPD & PTSD with Tina Dickinson

This is a really interesting episode, partly because Tina and I used to be in a relationship, and also because of how diverse the range of subjects are that we discuss. This podcast has been two years in the making because it has taken that long for her to get the courage and functionality to do so. Tina bravely discusses her childhood and touches upon physical and emotional domestic abuse, which led to P.T.S.D. She also talks about the medley of other mental health disorders that she has been diagnosed with throughout her life, including Bi-Polar 2, Borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, and an eating disorder. She touches upon all of these matters individually, the reality of trying to function in the world, what is happening behind closed doors, and describes the public meltdowns and regretful behavior she exhibits in difficult times. She also talks about being suicidal, what she felt like, and how she managed to get beyond that place. This is a very special episode so I hope that you find some value.

Guns, Gangs, and Meth with Matthew Kratiuk

In this week’s podcast, I speak to Mathew Kratiuk. To say that Mathew has had a roller coaster of a life would be an understatement.

Despite having been raised in a loving middle-class family and gone to a good school, his struggles with ADHD, parents’ divorce, alcoholism in the family, and other unknown factors he began to suffer from serious anger problems. This led to a path of violence and he quickly found himself living on the streets in Sydney. He went on the become a patch gang member of a motorcycle club where he accumulated a great deal of wealth, but also a serious meth habit, which proceeded to take everything from him. During this time his father died under suspicious circumstances. Mathew found himself lying in a hospital bed asking himself. “Who Is Matty Kratiuk when all that’s left is skin and bone?” He had a gun pressed to his temple about to commit suicide when a series of profound events unfolded. He said to himself “Now it’s time to fight” Today he has completely turned his life around and is the CEO of a successful advertising agency and lives to do good in the world. Check out Mathews Company http://www.cliqued.com.au

Escaping from Hell with Zowie Sky

This weeks episode is with Zowie-Sky Zowie is the founder of the change to surrender movement. In this episode, she tells us her story. She was born to a heroin-addicted mother in a community that was immersed in poverty, crime, domestic violence, prostitution, addiction, and grief. As a child, she saw things that no child should see. Her sister left when she was 4 leaving her to fend for herself and it doesn’t stop there. She talks about her own struggles with mental health, ADHD, PTSD andBi-polar. She also gives us an insight into the world of adult entertainment and the 12 step recovery program. Listen to the episode to find out more. Find Zowie @changetosurrender https://changetosurrender.wixsite.com/changetosurrender

Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts with Michael Brody Waite

Break The Chain Podcast 15 Great Leaders Live Like Drug addicts with Michael Brody-Waite He went from being a homeless drug addict to the founder of a Fortune 500 company. He started the first online self-scheduling service. He won the healthcare entrepreneur of the year award. He won the most admired CEO award. He is the author of the incredible book ‘Great leaders live like drug addicts’ And he has a mind-blowing and powerful TED talk with over 1.7 million views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUnRKf2CemA&t=830s In this episode, we go deep into the mysteries of addiction and we discuss the system that Michael has created by compressing the 12 step program into 3 simple and pragmatic rules that keep you safe on the road to recovery and prevent us from relapsing. I have personally been following Michael’s rules and they have guided me through some difficult and uncomfortable situations. I hope you find as much value in this episode as I did! Here are the links to find Michael and purchase his lifechanging book. @michaelbrodywaite info@michaelbrodywaite.com https://www.michaelbrodywaite.com/ https://greatleaderbook.com/

Surviving Sexual Abuse with Life Coach Katelyn Townsend

This is Break the Chain podcast episode 14 This week’s podcast was a super heavy one but sheds some light on some topics that desperately need talking about. Katelyn is – The founder of Abraham’s Fortune Wellness center – A life coach practitioner – Qualified in psychology & sociology – A student of Theology who obtained her master’s with a concentration in Christian Theology In this episode, we discuss her challenging childhood, which involved being the victim of sexual abuse multiple times, a victim of violence and physical abuse followed by her brother committing first-degree murder. She went on to suffer from an extreme sex addiction, which in totality lead to her planning her suicide. She tells us about the profound experience that saved her from the darkness. This was such a powerful and heartfelt episode and I hope that you can take something away from it. Please find Katelyn @ YouTube – Katelyn Townsend – Life Coach Practitioner https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPb9IHomySvFhfwKsa8KdQ Facebook – Katelyn Townsend – Life Coach Practitioner Instagram – @katelyn_townsend_life_coach Twitter: Katelyn Townsend – Life Coach Practitioner@Coach_Katelyn_ http://www.Katelyntownsend.weebly.com She can also be found as a moderator on the – BTC addiction support and recovery – Facebook group

Ketamine Addiction and the Road to Recovery

This is a particularly special podcast because I got to talk to my best friend of over 12 years. We talk about our journey, which documents our struggles with drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, and the loss of friends. We then go on to discuss how we escaped and have been slowly turning our lives around through traveling and other techniques. Find harry on Insta @harrymcgill141 Access the world of break the chain through our magical portal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUf2CmDUTUcbikfzotCr45Q?view_as=subscriber

High Performance and Finding Fulfillment with Callum Keen

In this episode, I talk to Callum Keen from Plant Calisthenics. He is a calisthenics coach, movement specialist, and bird enthusiast. We talk about some of the incredible feats that he has completed including a Murph and a weighted marathon that he did for his 21st birthday. This was very different from what I did for my 21st! It’s fair to say that Callum is an absolute beast. Not only is he a highly optimised human physically, but he is also very knowledgable in the mental and spiritual realms. We had a great chat I hope that you enjoy it. @callum_plantcali Please check out our shop to help support our cause https://break-the-chain-world-mission.myshopify.com/

Finding Self-worth with Alyssa Sulli

In this episode, I speak to Alyssa Sulli. Alyssa is an absolute powerhouse! She has managed a fortune 500 company, been a fund-raising event coordinator, a fitness coach, business owner and she is a public speaker. Today she talks to us about her journey, her battle with eating disorders including bulimia, how she learned to accept her body, how she found self-worth, what self-love looks like to her, where she finds self-love in difficult times and where to find joy and fulfillment. Alyssa was an amazing guest and she radiates nothing but good vibes. Enjoy 🙂 Find Alyssa @ http://www.alyssasulli.com Facebook – @alyssa.sulli Instagram – @Alyssa.sulli

The Root of Addiction with Koorosh Rassekh

It was such a privilege to interview Koorosh Rassekh, one of the leading experts in addiction. He is the founder of Evo health and wellness and a student and colleague of Gabor Maté. One of the world’s most forward-thinking experts in addiction. We discussed the root causes of addiction and ways to deal with this problem. We talk about one of Gabor Maté’s quotes, “it’s not why the addiction, but rather why the pain” He explains that addiction is a very rational behavior because all we are trying to do is get out of pain. we should therefore not condemn our actions but rather look for a solution to a problem. We discussed a wide range of topics and I have learnt so much from this conversation. I have already listened to it 3 times before posting this. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it!

Life After Heroin with Marek Hyde

In this podcast, I talk to my childhood friend Marek Hyde about his battle with drug addiction. We have been friends since we were 6 years old so we have both been able to observe each other’s downfall and battles with addiction. It has been incredibly refreshing to meet up on the other side to discuss our realisations and Mareks experience doing the 12 step program.

Overcoming Trauma with Kyle Walker

This is an interview with Kyle Walker from positive connections who specialises in motivational psychology and emotional intelligence. This is about overcoming trauma. He discusses his own journey including healing from the trauma and abandonment that he experienced through being abandoned by his mother and put up for adoption. We discuss radical self-responsibility and how we deal with trauma.

Why Do We Suffer? From a Spiritual Perspective with Acharya das

I was very fortunate to be able to talk to Acharya Das today Acharya Das is a teacher of the Vedic and Yoga philosophy, meditation and Kirtan.

He has been teaching meditation all over the world for over 45 years including in prison systems. We go through a small amount of his background and then cover questions such as Why do we suffer? Why are we here? What is yoga? Why do we use drugs? How do we end suffering?

For anyone wise enough to go deeper into this subject please follow Acharya Das on youtube and his other social media.

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