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December 26, 2020

I am reflecting here on the concept of “being free”, which was the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I found that pic of myself during my days in Thailand.
A lot has happened since that photo, and I’m not talking in terms of time.
Today, I believe that “to be free” takes some inner work, to identify beliefs and limitations that condition us and prevent us from being completely free.
To observe those shadows that also constitute us, accepting them as part of our human condition (however not our ultimately pure essence), because until that acceptance is not complete, we will not be free.
To look with love towards our fears and with the courage to face them, because until we don’t prevent them from dominating us, we will not be free.
To get rid of our guilt and shame, which are merely human creations. Until we do not understand that we don’t owe anyone anything, we will not be free.
To forgive ourselves, accept that we did the best we could with the information and tools we had at that time. Until we stop blaming ourselves for what we didn’t do or could have done differently, we will not be free.
Today I decide to release the fears that block the way in which life knows how to unfold wisely.
The fear of loving, for being afraid of losing, of suffering, of changing, of dying, of ending.
So much conditioning  that still needs so much love and acceptance.
There are no real reasons to fear. Life happens and unfolds in a fair divine way. Nothing I control, however much I try and want to.
Today I am where I should be, since there is nothing out of place, neither mistakes.
Today I surrender to the divine plan, because I am loved and I am safe.
To look at you is to look at myself…
To perceive you is to perceive myself…
To understand you is to understand myself…
To accept you is to accept myself…
To love you is to love myself…
And so on is that the law of reflection works.
Because it is never about the other, but always and unfailingly about oneself.
Making a positive or negative judgment towards another person, it is always a great opportunity to know yourself more deeply.  And perceive those areas where we are not free yet… if what someone else does or says hurts, makes us uncomfortable, that is where the key resides the key to our inner wounds, vulnerabilities, defenses, the starting point to begin doing the inner work.
Strength, courage and perseverance to unravel the layers of ego (false identity) to discover our true essence little by little.

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